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Cydnidae - Byrsinus flavicornis

Observed: 20th May 2013 By: rockwolfrockwolf’s reputation in Invertebratesrockwolf’s reputation in Invertebratesrockwolf’s reputation in Invertebratesrockwolf’s reputation in Invertebrates
Cydnidae - Brittany
Cydnidae - Brittany

Small (3~4mm) shieldbug in the dunes of Kerhillio, Erdeven, Brittany.
Tried to burrow into my sleeve.
Thought initially Geotomus sp, but Byrsinus flavicornis has been suggested to me.
Very hairy edge to abdomen.

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Byrsinus flavicornis

Your suggestion seems quite plausible, why not add the ID yourself.

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Thank you....

both! It's not a species I'm at all familiar with so was after some confirmation, which you've both given!

Thank you!

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Wildlife Ranger

No records for this species in the UK.

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Good Find

You are right but occasionally some vagrants ( Not this one) can transcend the British list particulary on the S Coast of the UK or Jersey although no one is likely to find let alone ID such a species unless they are like yourself and have an interest in this group hence the complete absence on the NBN . On the subject of Cydnidae these are often the most elusive of Shieldbugs as you probably know are ground burrowing bugs with this one particular to caostal or sandy habitat

Best Wishes & A good Find