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Red Chiton

Observed: 24th May 2013 By: dejayM
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Red, very red! Larger than other locals at 14mm. Sometimes know as the Smooth Mail Shell.
There are few other likely cadidates considering, colour, broadness and girdle width and those light patches.

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I understand this remarkable

I understand this remarkable red colouring with the 4 girdle patches is found on young ones & older ones have patches all round the girdle & the plates patterned over with ,eg, white & turquoise. There's also a photo of a completely red Tonicella marmorea.

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Yes, I have read EVERYTHING about this one. It can be variable though, as Google Images proves. But Hayward & Ryland describe it as "..Greenish- or reddish-brown..". Also "Widespread, all coasts". Interesting then, that this is the only one in iSpot.
I regret not knowing the right things when I discover them for the first time. I seem to come away with nice 'shots' but NOT of the right aspects and details. I am left with an incomplete 'picture' to identify at home (not in the field). I should write notes and make field sketches - remember those?
Thanks again