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Bright Chiton

Observed: 25th May 2013 By: dejayM
Biological Recording In ScotlandHighland Biological Recording GroupOrkney Biodiversity Records Centre
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A lovely, very broad-skirted Chiton.
TWEN is 7mm, so a small, perhaps immature specimen.
Listed as being, generally, Northern British - so maybe..
Tonicella rubra is very similar (listed as a North Sea Sp.)
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Once again the ID panel points to ID confirmation of Leptochiton scabridus.
This leads to utter confusion, as NBN has only four UK records, Wikki has nothing and EOL is boring!
Boring, do you hear?

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Yes Chris, as ever on guard. Thanks.
I have ALL the books here. I don't much like the Collins Guide but, looking again, my suspicions are raised..
If only I could just go back and find another. I think an iPad with all the books, descriptions and pictures loaded in, would be good. But then I have overbalanced in the sea a few times!
I must say ABK's
doesn't look like 'mine' but I se you have already been there.
And, thanks for Callochiton septemvalvis - much more obvious though.

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Bit of a slip-up mentioning

Bit of a slip-up mentioning growth lines which it seems both can have; but, even though it's a less than half size rubra, the girdle granules seem telling & rubra's girdle being narrower; but collins (& other places) also mentions the Marmorea girdle is thin,which also checks with the google photos (& marmorea making a broader oval).

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Yes Chris; well, as you see, I have still not accepted your ID! Galling isn't it?
Thank goodness I live near the sea (150m)!
I spent 45 mins looking for ONE, any one, Chiton this morning - futile. Found the Sponge you've agreed to, but had trouble photographing it!
Loads of that green globulous jelly-egg-mass.
Hayward & Ryland is not as comforting as I had hoped!

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Yes then, T. rubra. I think the clincher is the number of lookalikes in Google Images - not the safest way to ID but, as you say, the slightly broader girdle. To be honest, there is not much in it to be certain.
I only have one vote - it's yours!
So let's see if we can get rid of Leptochiton scabridus from the ID panel!
I'd be surprised if we get another, considering how beautiful it is.

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coming here from a chiton post elsewhere on ispot....

I have agreed T. rubra based on the descriptions and this photo