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Unknown Bird

Observed: 29th May 2013 By: djb355
Unknown Bird

This bird was seen at Southend seafront. It appeared to have flown into a building but flew off once recovered. Can anyone identify it?

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Stunningly beautiful birds, if you see an adult male, with a blue throat and a red spot in the middle. Even females, which this may be (though could be a young male) are really smart looking birds. They nest in mainland Europe, in scrubby wetland areas, but some do end up being blown to our shores (and very occasionally do breed).

You are very lucky to have seen it... they are a rare bird!


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Nice spot. Lucky to have a

Nice spot. Lucky to have a adult male (with a white spot) near me at Welney for two years.

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Many thanks for the

Many thanks for the identification and comments

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Where did the bird fly

Where did the bird fly towards as local birders can look fir it as there's not been one locally since the mid 90s