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Currant galls

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Currant galls

Currant galls on fresh oak leaves, housing the larvae.
Caused by the sexual generation of this gall wasp. The agamic generation (all female) produce common spangle galls on the underside of the leaves later in the summer. These fall to the ground, overwinter and in early spring emerge to complete the cycle.
Currant galls can also appear on the male flowers.
Other species produce galls on leaves later in the year, or on buds.
Edit: error corrected 5/2014

Species interactions

Species with which a Gall Wasp (Neuroterus quercusbaccarum) interacts


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Gall wasp

I saw that a couple of weeks ago whilst on my uncles farm. He had young oaks that had self seeded and because of this he wasn't sure if it was oak

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I've noticed these galls on a number of small oaks this year, as well as the one above in the garden. Used to think they were cherry galls but have been trying to get to grips with identifying them properly.

Gall wasps have quite a complex life cycle, so it's all a bit of a subject in itself.