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Found on the beach in Mablethorpe

Observed: 26th May 2013 By: jmr687

I found this shell thing this week washed up on the beach. Am intrigued to find out what it came from.
It is a hollow shell, I have shown 2 pictures one from the top and one from the underneath

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sea potato

This is known as a test (not a shell) and is more like a skeleton, except it is not articulated. Technically is not an organism, only the remains of - but we will let that go. The animal that lived inside and poked through the openings is rarely seen as it burrows under the sand. It is also known as Common Heart urchin. The fact the test is undamaged suggests it was not attacked by predators so probably died of old age. If it was washed up and died on the shore it would probably have been attacked by seagulls etc. If it had died quite deep it would have washed around in currents and become damaged.
So you are quite lucky to find this one complete.

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thank you for this

thank you for this information :)

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this is an...

..invertebrate and not a fish, would be good to move to the inverts section - where you will get more IDs and a better response from the invetebrate experts :)