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Species with which Swedish Whitebeam (Sorbus intermedia) interacts


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Rarity of Sorbus pseudofennica

Is this species of tree nationally rare in the UK?

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Sorbus pseudofennica

Only found on Arran, according to Wikipedia.
Edit: and according to Stace 3.

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Sorbus pseudofennica ...

... in the wild is restricted to a few (2, if I recall correctly) glens on the Isle of Arran. There are records from 7 tetrads, but only from 4 this century.

It is cultivated in a few collections, such as RBGE Leith and Brodick Castle.

Sorbus pseudofennica has genome composition AAB (that is two whitebeam and one rowan genomes); the other Arran endemics Sorbus arranensis and Sorbus pseudomeinichi have genomes AABB and ABBB respectively. Sorbus intermedia is a tetraploid with whitebeam, rowan and wild service tree genomes - I haven't been able to find out which has two copies.

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the genomic combinations need

the genomic combinations need correcting - its tetraploid whilst the others are triploid see my BSBI Sorbus handbook please where it is spelt out in detail

Tim Rich

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seeing and believing

Yes, Tim, I believe so. It is broad and we cannot see the underside but....
The Wiki and EOL links are very annoying for Sorbus intermedia agg.
lavateraguy's may well be a safer bet and well explained too but I live dangerously sometimes!
See mine -

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No, intermedia agg is not a

No, intermedia agg is not a safer bet, I am sure it is intermedia sensu stricto

Tim Rich