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Whose eggs?

Observed: 13th May 2013 By: shurick88shurick88’s reputation in Invertebratesshurick88’s reputation in Invertebrates

These seem very common on nettles


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Not eggs

The photograph shows a spinning made by a caterpillar and the black specks are its frass. There could be caterpillars still present in some of the spinnings. If you could find and photograph one of them, it might be possible to give an ID.

Robert Homan

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How fascinating!

Thank you so much for your comment. I am quite new to looking closely at wildlife. I did find a caterpillar on nettles where the frass was present. I'll upload the picture of the caterpillar. However, I am not sure whther it was the same one that left this particular clump.

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common moth caterpillars on nettles

include Mother of pearl Pleuroptya ruralis, Nettle tap Anthophila fabiciana and Snout Hypena proboscidalis

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moth caterpillars

Thank you! This is quite important as I am trying to bring across the value of nettles for wildlife.

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Insects on nettles

There is an excellent little book:, if you don't know it already, may be of some interest.