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Crane fly - Tipula sp.

Observed: 28th May 2013 By: 2sundews2sundews’s reputation in Invertebrates
Crane fly - Tipula sp.
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I am not sure of the wing length or number of segments I am sure it is Tipula hence my safest ob to be Tipula sp although as said might BE paludosa or oleracea

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My reasoning for ID

My reasoning for ID as T.(T.)oleracea are that in this image the right-hand wing length (base to tip) is 242 mm on my computer screen, while wing base to tip of ovipositer is only 210 mm. Assuming photo or my screen is not distorted (possible) then wings will exceed length of abdomen. In T.(T.)paludosa wings "not reaching tip of abdomen" and the 14th antennal segment is "very small" (and difficult to see?). Female T.(T.)subcunctans also has wings "reaching end of abdomen or beyond" but this species is mature Oct/Nov.

I am happy to accept Tipula (Tipula) sp. (3 UK species) if that's what the majority vote for! However, Tipula sp. in the broadest sense (i.e without listing subgenus Tipula) is way too vague (lots of UK species!)!