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Mammal Skull

Observed: 17th May 2013 By: snowkirsten
Yorkshire Naturalists' Union
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Mammal Skull 1a
Mammal Skull 1b

Mammal skull found along with backbone, limb bone and jaws, strewn along a dried-up stream.

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Roe deer

Due to the location we can rule out all deer bar roe and red; however, the nearest red deer population is a free ranging herd about ten miles to the west - not impossible, but unlikely.

The skulls are very similar though red deer skulls are much larger and the muzzle is longer/thinner. The end of your skull's muzzle is missing but even so it is clear it was short, therefore a roe deer. Also the gap between the cranium and the zygomatic arch is wide, again indicating roe deer.

This is an adult deer as indicated by the presence of all the molars, including the third cusp of the third (back) molar. In roe deer this happens around 1 and a half years.

The front premolars are very worn but the cusps (points) on the molars are relatively sharp, this suggests an age of around four years.

Graham Banwell

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Thanks for the info on the skull Graham - it's thanks to your Tree ID course at the IronStone museum last week that I thought to put this on iSpot!

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Roe Deer

I agree with Graham.

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Wills skulls website

Roe deer looks right to me for this photo. For more fascinating info on skulls check out the brilliant website Will Skulls and also Jakes Bones which is even more remarkable when you find out it is run by an 11 year old boy in Scotland. A true inspiration for your aspring naturalists.

Debbie Alston

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Thanks Debbie, I'll have a look at those sites...