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Another Duck

Observed: 19th May 2010 By: paul in hildenb...

Odd Duck, walks very upright.

    Likely ID
    India Runner Duck
    Confidence: I'm as sure as I can be.
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Laying breed

Apart from showing, the breed is a laying breed, rather than meat. (Domestic ducks actually produce more eggs than chickens).

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Runner Ducks

Have seen them more than once used instead of sheep for herding demonstrations at country fairs.

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Another domestic Mallard.

Although it may not obviously look like it, the Indian Runner Duck is a breed of Mallard.

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I hoped for this....

I remember an uncle of mine used to keep a very similar looking duck when I was very young. They lay blue eggs, I believe?


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Egg colour

The huge bulk of all domestic ducks usually lay white/very pale cream eggs, but individual birds may lay greenish or bluish eggs. In the case of runners, most birds lay greenish or bluish eggs.