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Puzzle - help please!

Observed: 18th May 2013 By: ThistleThistle’s reputation in Fungi and LichensThistle’s reputation in Fungi and LichensThistle’s reputation in Fungi and LichensThistle’s reputation in Fungi and Lichens
Puzzle - help please!

I'm so unsure about this one that I've put it in "?" for the moment. Small red/orange blobs that looked as though they were coming out of the bark of a European Larch (Larix europeus). The biggest bit was almost the size of a 5p coin.
There would seem to be two possibilities. A fungus (but I couldn't find any more around in different stages of growth and I can't find in any of my books) or sap from the larch (which would normally be colourless to pale gold but may have been affected by the low temperatures and wet conditions.
Edit: Moved to Fungi & Lichens: there seems to be agreement that it is a fungus of some sort but I think the jury's still out on what sort. Thanks to Alan and Mark for their helpful comments.


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My first thought is that what we see is the young development of the asexual stage of the fungus Dacrymyces stillatus. Compare for example. Forms amorphous orange blobs especially on wet, decorticated coniferous wood, also common on logs and wooden fencing.

I am not putting this up as an ID as I am not too sure (a 5p coin is a bit large) and my 'expert' badge might trump a later and better suggestion.


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orange blobs

Could they be slime moulds (Myxomycetes)?

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When I posted my comment yesterday, I thought not. But if it's a plasmodial stage that has been consuming lots of orange bacteria ...

When I post IDs I take great pleasure in not being caught out by the seemingly obvious and spotting the character that makes it something interesting.

But sometimes, the obvious is indeed the answer.

I am not entirely giving up on it being young, asexual Dacrymyces but, yes, hmmm, I think you are right.


P.S. just noticed that this observation is under "other organisms", so I don't have an 'expert' badge anyway. I feel deprived ...

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Or ...

The other possibility are that these are the first step in an invasion of extra-terrestrial alien blobs.

How do you feel, Thistle? Do you think you are still you?


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Do you think you are still you?

I'll phone home and find out!


PS I'm away for a couple of weeks but will have another look at the site when I return and report any findings.