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Observed: 26th May 2013 By: NickmnickmNickmnickm’s reputation in BirdsNickmnickm’s reputation in Birds

Taken at Costmeston lakes. Wish I had a bigger lens

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Bigger Lenses

Welcome to iSpot - the only trouble with getting a longer lens is wanting an even longer one when you have it.

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Bigger Lenses... and Cormorants

Couldn't agree more Jeff; same with Telescopes. Not long ago bought my first - and it's great, now I can see 'stuff' even further off that I can't see well enough to ID!!
As for the Cormorant - typical wing drying stance to the right. Note the white patch on cheek/at base of bill and lack of crest (small crest would probably mean breeding Shag)although immature birds can sometimes be confusing.

Feel free to look at my ongoing (hopefully improving) collection of pictures on Flickr:

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Cheers for the confirmation, only recently got into birding but the I.D part of it is quite addictive! So many small details to keep an eye on.

An impressive bird, I shall get down there again and try get a better shot.

Tried looking up some Canon lenses, very expensive business for amateur photography. Unsure whether to buy into the 'cheaper' models that miss out on certain things such as image stabilisers etc. Really could do with a 200- 400mm though! Love close up shots.