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Rust Fungus -poss gymnosporangium

Observed: 12th May 2013 By: joolsjools’s reputation in Fungi and Lichens

fresher fungus gelatinous but not slimy. Old fungus dry and hard. On dead branches.


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Rust Fungus

Alan, thanks for your help identifying this. I had difficulty finding it in books, the sketches I found were not that clear. I eventually made my incorrect ID from other images I found on the internet, so I guess I'm not the first to get it wrong!


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Hi Jools

I am sure you are NOT the first to get it wrong.

I think that what you have here is most likely G. sabinae, as I more tentatively suggested above. It is an introduced species in Britain, so won't be in many of our books anyway.

Our one definitely native species is G. clavariifome, which can sometimes be seen on old junipers up in the Highlands, but it is not so spectacular.

G. clavariiforme has Hawthorn as its alternate host, where it produces spike-like growths on the leaves. G. sabinae alternates with Pear.

But there are other species as well.

Again, your photographs are splendid. I am jealous.


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Rust fungus

Thanks Alan for the explanation above, and also for your very kind comment about the photos.