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Observed: 27th May 2013 By: Willag_mac
    Likely ID
    Fish skull
    Confidence: I'm as sure as I can be.
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A very similar bone appeared

A very similar bone appeared a while back on iSpot and I think after quite a bit of input from various users, the nearest fit turned out to be a cod (or maybe a close relative like a ling or pollack). It seems to be the upper portion of a cod (or similar) skull, the skull of which is made of many pieces of bone instead of one unit as in many other animals.


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Similar bone...

I agree with Cathal. It is certainly not a mammal or bird bone.

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Try re-posting it

I agree it doesn't look like a mammal bone - try re-posting it in the fish section and see what others say

Debbie Alston

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Fish skull

You can tell this is a fish skull rather than mammal as the 'bone' (really cartilage) is not smooth but 'flakey', wavey and ridged.

I think you would get a better identification in the fish section of iSpot. It is easy to move, just go back into the original observation and change the section from mammals to fish.

Graham Banwell

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