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Tees Valley

Observed: 22nd May 2013 By: AdrianaESFTAdrianaESFT’s reputation in MammalsAdrianaESFT’s reputation in Mammals
Tees Valley- seals at Salt
Tees Valley Away Day 025
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Rusty seal

The red colouration seen in the animal on the left is usually due to iron oxide deposits in the guard hairs - is this colouration common on the Tees?

Gill Sinclair
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It wouldn't surprise me Gill as the rocks around Middlesborough are full of ironstone.

There's a famous breeding colony of common seals in the mouth of the Tees near Saltholme.

Graham Banwell

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Rusty seals

I wondered why it was that colour but thought it was natural variation- fascinating that is is likely to be from iron oxide deposits.
And yes these seals were at Saltholme.

Adriana Ford-Thompson