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Unknown Plant

Observed: 19th May 2010 By: Dave Turner68

tall bush about 2m

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Unknown Plant

I would suggest that this is an escapee from a garden. Looks familiar but can't remember what it is.

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Clematis. It is the colour of an old one called Jackmanii.

Anne M

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Rubus? Clematis?

I had assumed that the leaves in the photo' were not associated with the flower, however...
The fruit/seeds are the same general form at that stage, in both Rubus and Clematis.
If it is Rubus, it is unusual in both flower colour and the fact that the petals do not touch or overlap.
It is slighly like Rubus odortaus (a very nice garden scrambler), but the flower form and colour are wrong.
Rubus spectabilis? (The type is not a very good match either, but it does have cultivars)

Flower size would almost clinche it - small - Rubus, larger - Clematis (now there's precision for you :-) )