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Bee of some kind

Observed: 19th May 2010 By: Dave Turner68

as per pic

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Right thanks a very good

Right thanks a very good mimic

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It is a good mimic, and in fact this species comes in various different colour forms that imitate different species of bumblebee. One of the ways of checking whether it is a bee or a hoverfly is that hoverflies have much shorter antennae than bees do.

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Criorhina berberina

When this first was posted my immediate thought was "Criorhina", but I wasn't sure if the photo showed enough detail to separate the two species. A bit more digging today revealed that Criorhina berberina has orange antennae like this fly, while Meredon has black antennae.

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good call

Well done Matt, I hadn't spotted that.

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