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Great Pecker Tit?

Observed: 8th May 2010 By: JamaisesJamaises’s reputation in Birds
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Take a close look at the beak. It's about twice the normal length.

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Great Tit

There was another obsercvation of a Great Tit with an elongated beak a short time ago.

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Great Pecker Tit

Yes, thanks I have just come across it. Perhaps it's not so uncommon.

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That incredible i can't really understand how it's beak is so long. It could be because it has been eating to many soft foods like worms. Because its eating soft foods there is nothing stopping it growing or fileing down.
Why not send it to Spring watch, it might even get on TV.

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Another shabby bird

If you blow the photo' up, you'll see that it is almost bald. This is unlikely to be due to an inability to preen as no bird can preen its head with its beak. It may be simply due to the hard life at the moment, rearing chicks (although it will not do very well if it feeds them peanuts), but it might also be a mite or fungal infection, that in turn could be linked to the deformed beak.
Great tits naturally eat only soft foods, though certainly not worms. Normal wild diet is almost entirely arboreal invertebrates.