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Meadow pipit

Observed: 25th May 2013 By: Martyn RoperMartyn Roper’s reputation in BirdsMartyn Roper’s reputation in BirdsMartyn Roper’s reputation in Birds
Meadow pipit
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Welcome to iSpot

Hello and welcome to iSpot, thank for posting your first sighting.

Once you have typed in a english name into the box click on 'Get recommended' which will bring up the scientific name or a few to choose from, depending upon how specific your english name is. Having the scientific name will then link your sighting to the picture Gallery and other databases. You can then also start to collect your 'reputation' for birds/plants etc

We look forward to receiving more observations from you.

Debbie Alston

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Just Adding Scientific Name

Better to give Martyn a chance to add the binomial name himself. He only became a member yesterday and already he's "lost" an ID.


Bill Henderson