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Greenshank - Kefalonia

Observed: 10th May 2013 By: John EmmsJohn Emms’s reputation in BirdsJohn Emms’s reputation in BirdsJohn Emms’s reputation in Birds
Greenshank - Kefalonia
Greenshank - Kefalonia - in flight 1
Greenshank - Kefalonia - in flight 2
Greenshank - Kefalonia - in flight 3

Redshank size, white wedge up back (cigar-shaped), extensive white on rump and tail. No wing bar.

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2 Birds

The first photo is a Wood Sandpiper and the remainder are Greenshank

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Thanks, James. They are

Thanks, James. They are definitely all the same bird, though - they were taken within a few seconds of each of before and after it took off. I'm just wondering about marsh sandpiper now, but I don't think the feet project far enough behind in flight.

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All the same bird

Two suggestions the standing bird is wood sand - but can't be as I followed the bird with the camera and photographed it on the ground and as it flew. So if the flight photos are greenshank, so is the standing photo. I suspect it may be zooming in on a distant shot which has distorted the original to make it misleading. Thanks for the help, anyway.

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Honestly - these are

Honestly - these are different birds. The flying bird has a pale head, white cigar shaped mark on the back and a long bill. The standing bird has a darker head an neck, is less rangy with a shorter bill and a supercilium and a compact build. I promise they are different birds!