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Dog Violet

Observed: 27th May 2013 By: AmadanAmadan’s reputation in PlantsAmadan’s reputation in PlantsAmadan’s reputation in PlantsAmadan’s reputation in Plants

Growing in a raised bed in the garden: q.v.
Is this the same species flowering over a long period, with some oddly-coloured examples? Or was the earlier post V. reichenbachiana?

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The problem with the previous observation ...

... was that it has (you said) a bilobed (riviniana) and dark (reichenbachiana) spur, which leaves me uncertain as to its identity.

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The wording I used earlier -

about the spur was "notched (think so)" - in other words I wasn't too sure. I seldom am...
But to my eye, the general shape of the spur was the same as in this post.

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I think the darker colour is more important than the notch.