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Print and possible corresponding spoor

Observed: 25th March 2013 By: scaredemkrew1

No identification made yet.

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Not sure

Sorry, I really can't tell what this might be. Can you say something about the habitats it was near and any indication of scale of prints.

Great word Spoor - I've not come across that before!

Debbie Alston

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hi i work on an old and until

hi i work on an old and until recently undeveloped with thriving and varied wildlife,i suspect a weasel or stoat as i have seen one in vicinty??? prints are smaller than a cats

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The droppings (spore) are most likely those of a a bird - note the large white portion.

I'm afraid, as Debbie says, the prints are not clear enough to identify. There are claw marks so we can rule out cats; the prints appear to be rounded so unlikely to be a canid and are probably a small mustelid - stoat, weasel, mink, polecat. However, this is purely an educated guess.

Graham Banwell

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