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Observed: 26th May 2013 By: vv667
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - course complete
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About 2 m tall. I wish I could get closer, but it's surrounded by a thick belt of nettles.

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Flowering times?

It certainly looks like Solanum crispum but it is flowering rather early, usually July onwards.

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That may well be true ...

... (I don't recall when Solanum crispum flowers), but I'll note that it is rather early for Solanum dulcamara to be flowering as well.

Do you know any ornamental Solanums which flower early.

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I think it is -

Too robust and upright for Bittersweet/Woody Nightshade. That tends to be a sprawling plant, with fewer flowers.

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Solanum crispum 'Galsnevin'

Mine used to flower end of May/beginning of June. It became a huge plant grown over an arch, but unfortunately it hasn't survived the last couple of hard winters.