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Beech or sycamore perhaps

Observed: 24th May 2013 By: scubamannscubamann’s reputation in Plantsscubamann’s reputation in Plantsscubamann’s reputation in Plants

Sorry I did not take a photo of the full tree.
Can anyone identify from the small piece I managed to pinch.
Silvery grey smooth bark, purple flowers "hanging" upright, and new leaf bud.

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When the buds have burst and the leaves are not fully out tree identification can be a bit tricky.

Ash has opposite (black) buds (or leaves when they come out) and at the moment have flowers which as you say hang upright.

Sycamore also has opposite (green) buds, bech have altenate buds.

You can try using the iSpot keys to help you with tree identification

Debbie Alston

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tree species

Thanks for the advice. I realise(d) that pre-flowering or Leafing(? - is that a word?) is difficult which was why I needed help.

The tree is under threat from a planning development so it is not critical that I know the exact species to complain - but it does add weight if I appear to know.

I am also trying to increase my knowledge of trees, so very helpful to have the guidance. I have not yet learned how to use the iSpot keys, but will experiment.