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White Bluebells

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Bluebell 2
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Does anybody know why these bluebells are white? I know our native bluebells hybridise freely with Spanish bluebells but I didn’t know this led to them being white? Also I've added Hyacinthoides non-scripta as an id just to draw attention to my entry but I fully expect that this wont end up being the final id.

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White bluebells

White bluebells are reasonably common, even in the wild. Most of the ones I seen have been in gardens, but I found several earlier this week in ancient woodland. There are also pink versions. I've seen then before the Spanish bluebells became common, so I agree with your id.

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Many plants species have variants with white fliowers ...

... I see no pressing reason to conclude that the white (and pink) variants of Hyacinthoides non-scripta are anything other than natural variation with a species. (With the proviso that the variants may have been selected in horticulture with the result that in populations affected by garden escapes and pollen flow the variants are more frequent that in populations removed from anthropogenic influences.