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Is this a weed?

Observed: 26th May 2013 By: gail.romanes
The plant is mainly growing on the right hand side.

I have a relatively new garden, built in what was a paved back yard. I don't recognise this plant, there are no buds to be seen and it's taking over half the garden. Shall I dig them up? Thanks. (It's not Herb Robert)
It's a shady little patch, with 2 beds. One is about 1 1/2 m and the other smaller.

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This Plant

Does look like one of the Cranesbills.

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A "weed" is only a plant that you do not want growing where it is.
I have some daisies and dandelions in my garden which I love, I even mow around them when they are in the lawn, much to the chagrin of some neighbours who declare them weeds.
Currently I have some ivy-leaved toadflax running "amok" in my garden but I like it because many intended plants have been set back by the weather. I may clear it out later in the year, and stop it next year.
Yet I have been "waging war" on bluebells (which I love in woodland or open countryside) that I do not want in my garden. IoM is festooned with them in all sorts of habitats at this time of year and there are tours to see them - but not in my garden.