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Froggie? Went a Courting?

Observed: 17th May 2010 By: mike murphymike murphy’s reputation in Amphibians and Reptiles

Very loud call noticed from some distance away. This link is for the movie which I have put on You Tube. I do not have a clear photograph. The 'Amphibian' appeared large and like nothing I have seen before. The call you will hear on the film was being answered by another softer call, from two seperate locations by unseen responders.
This was on a very Sunny day with some cloud cover in a pond adjacent to Bodiam Castle in East Sussex England.
I would describe the habitat as fairly open, grassland / parkland with both free running open water nearby, including the Rother River and that the pond the animal was in was populated by lots of reed / weed and was not fast moving at all.

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Marsh frog

This is a marsh frog (Pelophylax ridibundus). It is a very distinctive call and you can see why it is sometimes called the laughing frog.

I've found an excellent recording on the Surrey Amphibian Recording Group web site:


Check out the web site and when you are happy I've identified it right then add an identification and I'll agree to it.

These are an introduced species from eastern Europe. The UK population size is unknown but they are all thought to originate from an accidental release in the Romney Marsh area.

You are in within the known range for this species. The Herpetological Conservation Trust are interested in all records of non-native amphibians. You can record your sighting at:


Graham Banwell

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Thanks Graham

Hi Graham,

Tried to get that clip to work, can't,... says I need to download Apple Quicktime, which Iv'e had on my system before and I won't again, as it spywares and integrates with EVERYTHING. Wish people would just make stuff available as a downloadable Mp3 or something simple and easy.

Any other sound samples out there? - Ah yes, have had to go and strip someones html code to get round the quicktime issue -
Halfway through this sample is what I think it sounded like.

I guess the only thing is, How similar are other calls, I would be happy to say it sounded like the sample of a Marsh Frog, but I have nothing to compare it to, if other Frogs sounded similar I would be hesitant to say for sure and put my name to it, if you see what I mean?

However if you want to check the sample I've included, confirm it as Marsh, and I'll be happy to confirm now that this is what I heard...

Thanks for you help,


Mike Murphy