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Greetings, all!

If I have half a dozen species feeding from a single bush, do I have to enter the same bush half a dozen times for the interactions? That would be a rather boring display.

Apologies if someone has already worked this one out!




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Maybe they have

but maybe not. I assume that this an idea in development, to see how it goes. The type of interaction - feeding, symbiotic, parasitic .... that we share may determine just how useful this feature becomes. I am expecting that there will be some new associations discovered, as well as more evidence for those already known or suspected.


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I am hoping that the system will be changed before too long, as what you have described is exactly what I, as a Plants Group contributor, don't want to see.

The site developers seem to have overlooked this issue - the same plant can indeed support a number of other species - and the Plants group seems to be getting overloaded with observations of things other than plants!

I can't say to you "please don't add 6 observations of the same bush to the Plants group".

But you know that's what I'm thinking!

Rachy Ramone

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I don't think so

As far as I can tell you can add more than one interaction to a species. So once you have added the bush then you can add each interaction to that entry. One bush entry, multiple interactions.

David Howdon

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excuse me..

Putting the science to one side (please). I am wondering if I am the only one to be alarmed at the way posts are being CLUTTERED with too much additional graphic information. I also notice that my Browser takes longer and longer to complete a single viewing-dowload of this new post style.
Being guilty of extending the Comments section (that is where I learn so much) is one thing but Seniors should ask if the average poster might find it confusing when all they need is to know that their Blackbird is, indeed, a blackbird. If they are really interested in the rest, they could be encouraged to tick my proposed 'My Spot "Interactions" ' box or simply follow the comments - for a change!

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I agree

My slow and creaky broadband connection doesn't help, but I actually quite like it that I can view an observation, agree with it (or not) and move on - all before the interactions have appeared on the screen!

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Yes - it is due to worsen.
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