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Spring Sowbread

Observed: 26th May 2013 By: geff.2007geff.2007’s reputation in Plantsgeff.2007’s reputation in Plantsgeff.2007’s reputation in Plantsgeff.2007’s reputation in Plantsgeff.2007’s reputation in Plants

I saw this patch last year but was unable to photograph it, since when it seems to have spread and thrived. Growing at the edge of a wood along side a main road leading to nurseries a mile away so maybe fell off the back of a lorry as the expression goes! Suggestions as to which Cyclamen they are please.

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Thanks for the i.d Steve - it

Thanks for the i.d Steve - it does not appear in any of my books and having Googled C. repandum it appears to come from Southern France, Italy and Med. islands. Is it sold in nurseries in the UK? It seems strange that there should be such a large patch growing locally. Does the flower appear before the leaves as with C.hederifolium?

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The status and distribution given in Stace is ..

... "Intrd-natd; on roadside verges and in woods and grassy places; scattered in S Br, Anglesey, Man".

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Unlike C .hederifolium the

Unlike C .hederifolium the leaves and flowers appear at the same time in the spring. I've only seen in gardens, but according to Stace, in the New Flora of the British Isles, it is introduced naturalised in Southern Britain, Anglesey and the Isle of Man.

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Thanks everyone - will now

Thanks everyone - will now edit accordingly