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Squat Lobster

Observed: 24th May 2013 By: dejayM
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Very small; lightning fast; immature specimen?

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G. strigosa

Adult overall body length about 90mm, so I too think this is immature.
Here is the excellent site posted on another G. strigosa entry


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Derek have you found

Derek have you found somewhere that says yellow tipped appendages are typical of strigosa?

I think it looks like strigosa but I am no expert on these. What size is it? Is it over and above the max. size for intermedia?


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I will have spent an age on this. Yes the lighter appendages is well documented see yours too
the size is right and the overall configuration is fine too.
What fretted me yesterday was that the electric blue bands appeared to be absent here but the little blue dots of G.intermedia are showing. I feel better for revising it this morning but it is incredibly relaxing having agreements from those you trust (isn't it!)
PS there are a number of 'squat lobster' posts that need revisiting (some that have no agreements) >>Search<<