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Possible Inkcap for ID please.

Observed: 25th May 2013 By: charlie streetscharlie streets’s reputation in Fungi and Lichenscharlie streets’s reputation in Fungi and Lichens

The two photos were taken 24 hours apart.The mushrooms are on the edge of a wood chip path and they're about an inch high.The gills are blackish.Anybody any suggestions?
Thanks for looking.


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    Inkcap species.
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more information

Really need sizes of cap and stem also photo of the gills,it's useful to get a photo of the fungi cut through so you can see if the stem is hollow,full,cap flesh colour and how the gills are attached to the stem,as some coprinus I think look quite similar when past there best plus it's hard to gauge size from the photo.It is also useful to see if its growing from buried wood,dung,stumps ect.


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Hi Sheila, yes, I must (and

Hi Sheila, yes, I must (and will) get in to the habit of doing what you advise. It was a lazy post in the hope that they might be readily identifiable - obviously not :-)

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Don't worry

I have done the same when out and not expecting to find any fungi. I then started to carry a small ruler,pen knife,pencil and small notepad in my coat pocket just in case as they always appear when your not prepared.It is worth going out looking as I have found a few over the past week and managed to identify some of them but some will remain a mystery until I save enough pennies for my microscope (wish they were just pennies)



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I think after the first five

I think after the first five years or so I will have started to get the hang of identifying fungi :-)
I've never known such a difficult group of wildlife to identify before - I shall go out and buy a small notebook and pen knife ASAP!