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Water Cricket (Velia caprai)

Observed: 24th May 2013 By: hydrurgahydrurga’s reputation in Invertebrateshydrurga’s reputation in Invertebrates
Water Cricket (Velia caprai)
Water Cricket (Velia caprai)

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Velia caprai

Many thanks for the id Chris. The species has just been identified by a scientist at the Slovenian Museum of Natural History's Invertebrate Department (if you're interested, they have a great database of photos at http://www1.pms-lj.si/animalia/galerija.php).

Out of interest, what features mark it as a female?


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rear surface of hind leg

In males there are two spines on rear surface of hind leg. These are absent in female. The two British/Irish species can only be told apart in females by the shape of end of abdomen in side view. In caprai the abdomen is level or slightly upward pointing, in saulii the end is downturned