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Rhingia campestris

Observed: 25th May 2013 By: darob57darob57’s reputation in Invertebratesdarob57’s reputation in Invertebratesdarob57’s reputation in Invertebratesdarob57’s reputation in Invertebrates
Rhingia campestris

Edit: updated to R. campestris after id to species from Roger Morris. Thanks, Roger.
Has very long rostrum, allowing it to reach nectar and pollen in deep flowers that others cannot. Has given rise to the name 'Heineken fly'.
Basking on leaf in photo, but was also on Herb Robert (Geranium robertianum)flowers.
Can't put to species from this photo. R. campestris maybe ( am in Derbyshire). Didn't get a side view.

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Came across R. campestris on the Tissington Trail nr Hartington last August. It is on Ispot somewhere.


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Rhingia campestris

So it was campestris after all. Thanks for id to species, Roger. Wonder what distinguished it as R. campestris? Obviously something I missed. A relative hoverfly novice here, but enjoying the challenge.

Me and the wife get along the Tissington Trail now and again, Brock. We were mainly looking at plants last time. Only really started seriously looking at hoverflies this year.