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Deer tracks and droppings on Studland beach

Observed: 20th May 2013 By: JanetHigginsJanetHiggins’s reputation in MammalsJanetHiggins’s reputation in Mammals
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Roe deer

Many years ago I worked at Arne where I saw the sika deer cross the sandy beach, however, we can discount sika as prints in sand, as in snow and soft mud, always appear larger than the actual hoof (try it with your own footprints).

However, this adds the possibility of Muntjac. If you look very carefully you can see the two halves of the hoof print are parallel till you get to the tip where they go pointed and curve in slightly; this indicates roe deer. In muntjac the inner 'toe' is smaller than the outer and on the hind hooves the tip of the outer curves over the inner.

Graham Banwell

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