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Observed: 28th April 2013 By: bobthebirderBirds expert
Species interactions

Species with which Mallard (Anas platyrhynchos) interacts


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Hi Bob, whilst I agree it is a Mallard I would have to question the interaction. For this to be so shouldn't the image show a Fox eating a Mallard or am I missing something here.

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Well you'll just have to take my word for it that the fox appeared just after with a mallard in its mouth...

Bob Ford

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Perhaps we should be encouraging people to describe the interactions they see in the 'Descriptions' box or the forum bit.

Graham Banwell

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Well, as a few of you know, I may be the only one to dislike the concept and graphic display of interactions.
I am with Graham here though, the Descriptions Box is the place for interesting interactions.
My two main objections to the Graphic display are -
the clutter and enlargement of the page
the time it is beginning to take to download the page (I am on fair Broadband)

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Too Big

I’m fortunate to have a good broadband link so that side of it is not an issue however I do feel the page now very cluttered. The species interaction section is just too big as is. I notice it can be closed; perhaps a compromise would be to have it closed by default, perhaps with some sort of flag informing one there is an interaction submitted, then one could open it if interested.