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Field Madder?

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Chingford Galium sp 2013-05-19 (1)
Chingford Galium sp 2013-05-19 (3)

Habitat - urban, road verge

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Species with which Field Madder (Sherardia arvensis) interacts


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Prickles on the leaf edges

There is no mention of the direction of prickles on the leaf edges in Stace (2010), but in my old 1962 edition of Clapham, Tutin and Warburg, the prickles are described as forwardly directed.

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Thanks Steve

Good to know that one source does say the prickles are forward pointing which also ties in with the other photos I've looked at on I-Spot!

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Well done, Steve.

*hastily grabs battered Rose, gets out pen and annotates page 422*

Rachy Ramone

How to take close-ups with cheap phone and hand-lens:
Field Guides for Budding Botanists:

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Page 352

In my 1991 version, also now annotated!