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Unknown plant

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Tall plant growing in the wild part of Kew Gardens, in woodland. Love the way the Galium aparine echoes the much larger whorls of leaves in the third photo. Could it belong to Lilium?

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It looks a bit like some American lilies ...

... but I wouldn't want to be definite about that identification.

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Lilium martagon ?

Your observation could be of Lilium martagon, I remember seeing it in the wild area near Queen Charlotte’s Cottage, during a visit several years ago.

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Yes, that was the area I was in, and it was my first thought, but Lilium martagon in gardens usually has narrower leaves. If you saw the flowers, I'm happy to go with that!

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More info

Just for interests sake, I found this reference ( (see page 571) ), from 1958, to the planting of 500 flowering sized bulbs of Lilium martagon in this area. Perhaps the ones you saw are the descendants of this planting. The reference is from Notes & Gleanings : Volume 7, Number 63, (1958).

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Wow, thanks for that, how interesting!

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I'd go with Martagon lily...

...go on, you do it!

Leaf width can be variable, depending on conditions - and if these were planted in 1958 originally, they may well have bred themselves into a slightly narrower leaf.

Rachy Ramone

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