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Fly eat fly

Observed: 20th July 2008 By: vburton
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Watched this fly eating it's lunch on a post in my garden until just an shell was left behind. I often see this species in my garden in the summer and would like to know what family it is in.

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The larger fly is a muscid, and I think probably in genus Coenosia - it looks very like Coenosia tigrina, but I don't know muscids well enough to be able to confirm that. Not all muscids are predatory, but the Coenosia group are well-known for preying on flies and other insects. There are some photos for comparison at:

Its unfortunate victim looks like a fly in family Lauxaniidae, possibly in genus Sapromyza. These have larvae that develop in fungi or decaying organic matter.

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Predatory muscids

I had no idea there were predatory muscid species! I will never look at humble houseflies in the same way again.