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Greater Broomrape (Orobanche rapum-genistae)

Observed: 23rd May 2013 By: GREW

Conical, with brown fern-like scales, growing in a grazed field. No other specimens to be seen.

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They are parasitic plants and

They are parasitic plants and id. is helped by knowing what the hostplant is. Could these have been growing on roots of gorse?

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It certainly looks like an Orobanche and the size suggests O. rapum-genistae which occurs in this area. I have only seen it once when it was fully mature. It grows on gorse, so John Bratton is thinking the same, presumably.


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There was plenty of gorse scrub at the field boundary, so that seems to settle it - the Orobanche was growing a good ten or so metres away, though gorse roots can apparently form quite extensive systems. Thanks, I'll keep an eye its development.

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...or it's growing on an old

...or it's growing on an old gorse stump.

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The Botanical Society county

The Botanical Society county recorder is interested in contacting you about this plant. How can he get in touch, please? He is not an i-Spot user.

John Bratton