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Which andrena

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guessing this is a male,ass were most,though a few big furry orange females were also present.
last pic shows location of nests under roof tiles.

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Aerial nesting

Yes looks like a male.

Red mason bees are a mostly aerial nesting species, making nests in walls, specially constructed nesting "hotels", hollow plant stems or in this case in the gaps between roofing slabs. They tend to do little in the way of digging, preferring ready made holes. The Andrena genus nest in the ground, generally digging down vertically (or near vertically) in a horizontal surface (hence the English name "mining bee"), although some do dig into vertical banks as well.

The shape of Osmia is different to Andrena, especially on the abdomen. There are other differences as well but some of them are quite technical. Andrena have diagnostic "facial fovea", these are basically hairs around the inside of the eyes. Osmia lack this feature. Also I believe that Osmia carry the bulk of there pollen load on the underside of their abdomens but I might be wrong on that latter point.