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Diseased Hazel?

Observed: 22nd May 2013 By: oldsteve
Hazel 1

A hazel near Curbar, Derbyshire. The branches end in a few normal hazel leaves and a bunch of what are to me at least, atypical, leaves. Is this caused by a parasite or fungal infection or just a variation on normal? I wonder if something interesting will develop later in the year?

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The "atypical leaves" ...

are in fact the fruits of an elm.

One way of distinguishing the leaves of Ulmus glabra (wych elm) from those of Corylus avellana is that the leaves of the former are rough to the touch, and the leaves of the latter are soft to the touch. (This becomes less obvious later in the year as hazel leaves lose their hairs.)

I don't know whether this works on very young leaves.

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I may be getting the wrong end of the stick but the majority of the image is of the seeds and not leaves.
Elm leaves also have an asymmetrical base, longer and rounded on one side.

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The observer ...

... mistook the samaras of an elm for leaves, and misidentified the foliage as that of a hazel rather than that of an elm. Both are understandable mistakes for an inexperienced botaniser to make.

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Wych Elm seeds

Thank you, I understand what I am looking at now - I assumed that all seeds would have been shed during winter.


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These are the new, green, fruits ...

... Elms flower and set fruit early in the season - elm fruits are held on the tree for long, and will all be gone in a few months.

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New word alert!

Samara - A winged nut or achene containing one seed, as in ash and maple. Haven't come across the word before, like it!