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Observed: 22nd May 2013 By: John OzJohn Oz’s reputation in BirdsJohn Oz’s reputation in BirdsJohn Oz’s reputation in BirdsJohn Oz’s reputation in Birds

... probably been watching the blue tits ...

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Lovely photo

They're generally a bit shy and secretive - this is a well-taken opportunity to get a really good shot.

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Thank you

Interestingly, this one comes along for peanuts like this at least twice a day. And a couple of weeks ago, a pair of them were systematically pulling out lining material from the outside of a hanging basket. I would guess they are nesting somewhere close.

John Oz

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I see squirrel proofing...

...I take it you are pestered by squirrels - aren't these umbrella type things a treat. Had ours since february, they haven't beaten it yet but they do keep trying (they get really frustrated watching the birds). Have a lot of teeth marks on the underside - but the plastic is holding up at the moment. Our jays are not at all shy they will pick out nuts and chew on the lard slab without batting an eyelid even when we're in the front room moving about.

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You're quite right! They still have a go every now and then, but can't get there. One sits on top of our nearby bird bath (out of leaping range!) and stares wistfully at the food!

John Oz