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Hope it's an otter, maybe a mink.

Observed: 16th May 2013 By: Scott SommervilleScott Sommerville’s reputation in Mammals
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Welcome to iSpot

Welcome to iSpot and thanks for making your first posting!.

Footprints are a little tricky as they are rarely textbook prints. However, I don't think your prints are otter as they look a bit too 'pointy' on the toes to me.

Have a look on the Sussex Otters and Rivers Project website to see for yourself.

Best wishes

Debbie Alston

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Debbie is right they do not look perfect but mink trend to be star shaped and do not show much of the heel, I would say otter due to the size and spread of the toes the firth toe is often missing even on soft mud

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Difficult one. Both Debbie and Derick make valid identification comments, the toes do look pointy suggesting mink and the prints are wide suggesting otter.

The trouble is the prints are in soft mud which distorts the shape and to make matters worse the animal appears to have been walking on tiptoe or running (in soft mud either would be possible) as there is virtually no hind pad showing and the claws sink deeper than normal - in a better medium this would indicate mink as they have less of a hind pad than otter, though the deep claw marks would suggest otter.

What could be a deciding factor is size, do you have any idea how large the prints were?

Graham Banwell

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