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Observed: 2nd January 2013 By: JoCJoC’s reputation in Birds
pellet dissected; wings
pellet dissected; legs
pellet dissected; seeds

this pellet was found on a 5th floor balcony in the Alps in January. It could have been there since the previous summer.

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no help

I can get NOWHERE near most of this but the seeds (2 and 3 from left) look remarkably like SelfHeal.
No help then!

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pellet seeds

Prunella vulgaris does grow there, so your suggestion made me hopeful. However, I see that self-heal fruits have four longitudinal ridges, which I didn't know before, & I am pleased to have that info. Nutcrackers are noted for eating the pine seeds, especially Pinus cembra, but its seeds are large (ca. 1 cm long). However, the seeds could be a different pine, of which there are a few in the Alps. Usually bird posting gets lots of agreements, so it seems like there might be a shortage of people who recognise birdpellets - as there is for periwinkle eggs....


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You're welcome Jo.
I am going to set forth on some iSpot seeds soon.
I collected some from Prunella vulgaris var alba seeds last year, which is why I was warm to your post. They are beginning to show (as TINY plantlets!). I am wondering whether they might turn out to be white..hope so.
If Marine invertebrates is anything to go by, you won't get much more response to the Nutcracker theme!