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Katiannidae gen. et sp. nov.

Observed: 18th May 2013 By: Joe BottingInvertebrates expert
Katiannidae indet (4)
Katiannidae indet

Here's something you don't see every day (unless you're looking for them). An undescribed species of springtail that seems to have invaded the UK. There appears to be a few different species, all unknown elsewhere, but presumed to have come originally from Australia. This one seems to get to a maximum of 0.8 mm long, but I'm finding them by beating foliage and low vegetation all over the area.

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What an amazing post along with your regional summary here It's a shame that Naturalists don't respond to these types of post.

I cannot separate this 'springtail' from the lookalikes here but would like to be an agreer - can you help ME a little more?

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I like to think that they get read anyway...

At least, I hope so - there's so much posted on iSpot that things do inevitably get missed.

For this one, there's been a lot of discussion on places like Flickr regarding the new katiannids, and this guy has loads of them:
The patterns are broadly similar in the group, and do vary within a species through their growth, but the colouriing of this one seems to be pretty distinct. They're surprisingly widely known in the UK now - Cornwall, Shropshire, Nottinghamshire, Surrey... I've been trying to find what else I was reading at the time, but no luck yet.