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2009 09 15_3684

Observed: 15th September 2009 By: db7998
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - course complete
2009 09 15_3684
2009 09 15_3694
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Can you something about this sighting please?
Obviously a very young animal. How did you come across it, for instance.

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Also interested

I'm also interested to know more about the circumstances of this observation - I wouldn't have expected an animal this young to be out in the open.

Gill Sinclair
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Sorry, I can't tell

I'm afraid I can't tell from the photos if it is a stoat or weasel
- Nothing to suggest the size of the animal and its probably a juvenile anyay.
- can't see the tail (black tip - stoat)
- can't make out the distinction between brown and creamy fur - (Straight line - stoat and wavy line - weasel).

It could be a wavy line, but from this angle I'm not 100% confident to say it as there is not much of the line to see.


Debbie Alston

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blind post

This poor animal is away from home, looks in good condition but nearly blind and may only be 4 weeks old. It is likely to die.
How 'nice' it would be to have Remarks and ID Comments.
Debbie and Gill are quite right to be 'reserved' about ID.
It is almost certainly a stoat kitten - 3 to 5 weeks old (not 6).