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Observed: 14th May 2013 By: zhouqi

I have seen these last week, in more than one places in Cambridge. Near edge of path/railway/hedge/grass, flying in small swamps, pitch black, about 2cm long. Looks nasty but not attacking me. They are not ants.
Sorry not good photos.

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Probably St Mark's fly Bibio

Probably St Mark's fly Bibio marci. Nearer 1cm than 2cm.

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these all came out on saturday here and scared the life out of me. Certainly a good 18mm. I'm not sure if that means it's a different Bibio. The 1cm flies I found were gifts between mating Empids. I collected both so they might look interesting side by side but I'm not sure if they're the same species

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No - it is my error. I was

No - it is my error. I was thinking wing-length, not body-length

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I read on the web of St Marks fly, I can confirm it mostly like was. It was its flying style that caught my eyes.