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Common feather-moss forest

Observed: 29th March 2013 By: Nick UptonNick Upton’s reputation in PlantsNick Upton’s reputation in PlantsNick Upton’s reputation in PlantsNick Upton’s reputation in Plants
Common feather-moss  (Kindbergia praelonga)
Common feather-moss sporangia (Kindbergia praelonga)

Feathery moss carpet over woodland floor and growing up stems of sycamore saplings creating a "moss forest" effect. I think the growth form, habitat (boggy woodland) and sporangia shape (eg point to Common feather-moss.

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Rough-stalked feather moss

Thanks Ambroise, I think you are probably right, and I have found records for this moss in a study of footpath impact on flora at the site I took this pic (Lower Woods in Glos.) but not for what I thought it was: Common f-m. Certainly in Glos Rough-stalked fm seems very common from the number of times it appears in site surveys and like common f-m has this habit of climbing up all kinds of stems, rocks, logs etc. I'd need closer shots to be sure the sporangia stems are rough, but they may well be..

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Kindbergia vs Brachythecium

Easiest feature to spot is the difference in leaf size in kindbergia - stem leaves heart shaped wider just above the base narrowing to elongate tip (1-1.5mm). Branch leaves egg shaped (1.0mm)

Brachythecium leaves consistent egg or spearhead shaped (2-3mm)

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batwhittler for this handy ID tip..

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