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Glow-worm larva?

Observed: 20th May 2013 By: ar8922
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I think this is probably the larva of the (sadly not so) Common Glow-worm. Can anyone confirm that for me?

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That is lovely, whatever it is and I'm pretty certain it is the Glow-worm.
An excellent post, good photos with some remarks and a valuable ID comment.

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Thanks Derek

It certainly was a fascinating wee beastie... and the first one of its kind I've come across.

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Glow worm!

Looks like one to me, although I am more used to see them when they are glowing!
What habitat did you see the in?

Check out the great website

Debbie Alston

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Thanks Debbie, it was at the small (4 hectare) 'Hawkswood' Devon Wildlife Trust nature reserve, which includes some woodland, some wet heath and some grassland. You can find out more via the following link:

I found it on some moss, at the base of a large tree (don't remember the species), in a small area of rough grassland.

I was with the DWT Reserve Officer for Hawkswood at the time and he didn't think they'd been recorded at this site before, so it was a notable find.

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Good find!

Thanks Adam, that's a great spot then! The perfect excuse to go back to the site at 'glowing' time!

I did some glow worm surveying last year in Derbyshire, they didn't start glowing till mid June last year (mind you it was bit of an exceptionally rubbish weather year) The blog on the glow worm website recorded the first sighting of a glowing one was end of May.

Debbie Alston